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Why work for us

Key Points About Us:

  • The fastest-growing group of specialist technology recruitment companies globally

  • Operate in niche technology spaces where candidates are extremely scarce.

  • Huge investment in technology to ensure that our consultants are better equipped than our competitors to deliver the best talent

  • Customised CRM/Database for each brand to ensure consultants can identify the best candidates in the shortest time frames

  • £1 Million+ advertising and marketing budget to ensure continuous candidate attraction

  • Industry top performers lead us with extensive experience delivering the best technology talent to our clients.

  • 92% of candidates across the group remain in position for two years+

  • All consultants are thoroughly trained to be experts in their market.

  • 90% of vacancies are filled with the first four candidates submitted, showing our consultants thorough understanding of candidate/client requirements

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Training and Development

At Locke Staffing Group, we understand that the success of any business is built on how skilled its team are; as such, we want to invest in you and ensure that you can be the best recruitment consultant.

Throughout your early career with us, we have a clearly defined training programme to ensure that you have the right skills to deliver quality results to candidates and clients. Our training is broken down below over the different stages of your career.

You will also be assigned a mentor from the start of your journey with us and receive technical training on your specific market vertical.

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Sales and Recruitment Techniques – Module 1

This course will be your first eight weeks with us; this will teach you the fundamentals of recruitment and the sales techniques that our consultants use.

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Sales & Recruitment Techniques – Module 2

This course will cover more advanced areas of client relationship management, terms and legal negotiation, and advanced recruitment sales techniques – This course will typically take place between 3-6 months of your time with us.

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Sales and Recruitment Techniques – Module 3

This training is for once you have progressed to the level of Senior Consultant – it will cover how to mentor junior members of staff and how to build and develop your growing business unit

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Leadership and Management Training

In this course, you will cover several areas of how to grow, develop, manage and retain staff in your growing team. We will also teach you the fundamentals of how to manage a business from a financial perspective.

Career Progression

For all our staff we have a very clearly defined career progression route, which is the same for everyone who joins us. We operate as a pure meritocracy where all our team are assessed by the same metrics.

If you are consistently delivering results, then how fast you develop in your career is down to you! We are also keen to offer our top-performing consultants the choice of how they want to progress in their career, whether it will be going down the management or sales route

Your manager will ensure that from day one, you will have clearly defined routes to promotion

With every step that you progress in your career with us, you will get a salary increase plus once you move into a management role you will not only earn commission on your own deals but on the deals of your team as well

Rewards and Incentives

We recognise that in your career with us, you will put a lot of effort and hard work into ensuring you're successful – As such, we offer numerous rewards and incentives to our team. We want to recognise you and celebrate your success!

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Monthly first Thursday

Every month we host an event at one of London’s leading venues – this is for all staff and is a chance to do a review of the previous month – celebrate consultant of the month and announce any promotions.

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Monthly Lunch Club

Every month we host a lunch club to recognise the top achievers of the previous month, these are hosted on the first Friday of the month, and you will have an all-expenses-paid afternoon off at one of the area's top restaurants

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Holiday Incentives:

Every quarter you will be set a target to hit a Holiday incentive to destinations such as Ibiza, Dubai, Las Vegas etc. You will be set a number of deals dependent on the level you are at – This will be an all-expenses-paid trip staying at 5* destinations

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Mont Blanc Pen

Each and every consultant who works with us gets a personalised Mont Blanc pen when you bill equal to £50,000 a month in permanent placements or £10,000 weekly gross profit on contract placements

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Annual Rolex Target

Every year, the top biller will receive a Rolex as a reward for the incredibly hard work they put in! The winning consultant must bill £250,000 to qualify for the target and whoever generates the most revenue wins!

Diversity and Inclusion

At Locke Staffing Group, we celebrate differences. We’re committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We embrace, celebrate and value each other’s differences and want everyone to be their authentic selves in a workplace where all feel they belong.

It’s essential that our teams reflect the diversity of communities across the globe. With diversity comes creativity which allows for exploring our differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment.

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Company Technology

At Locke Staffing Group, we pride ourselves not only on our industry-leading training and development department but also on the investment that we make into our core technology.

We recognise that the world of technology is constantly evolving, and to give all of our consultants the best opportunity to deliver to their clients (and grow their careers), we invest in the most cutting-edge technology in the recruitment market.

While other recruitment firms baulk at the investment, we actively drive it - we want to give you all the tools you need to do the best job!

  • Drawing of desk, chair and computer

    All our consultants are given double screens to help you be as efficient as possible

  • Drawing of mobile telephone

    Softphone systems on your laptop and mobile phone with click to call plus mobile and landline numbers

  • Drawing of a man and woman on laptops

    We utilise advanced collaboration tools so you can always work well with the team

  • Drawing of envelope with loud speaker

    Advanced email and digital marketing tools to help you be effective with marketing

  • Drawing of a laptop

    All consultants are provided with cutting edge Lenovo laptops with the latest software

  • Drawing of a female with a head set

    Headsets for everyone so you can walk around and work hands free

  • Drawing of a hand holing a laptop

    All staff have access to advanced recruitment AI and tech so you can find the best talent

  • Drawing of a lap top with a a graduation mortarboard

    Access to numerous e-learning and training platforms so you can continually improve

  • Drawing of laptop showing graphs

    Advanced analytics tools so that you can continually assess how you're improving

  • LinkedIn logo

    All consultants have a full LinkedIn Recruiter license from day one with a huge advertising budget

The Office

Our offices are positioned well in each city we work out of – We want to provide all our staff with a modern and well-serviced work environment. The kind of place you can feel proud to work.

  • Drawing of a shirt

    Relaxed business casual dress code so that you’re comfortable at work

  • Drawing of a meeting room

    Dedicated areas for lunch and breakout sessions

  • Drawing of an exercise bike

    Fitness centres nearby that you can join supported by the business

  • Drawing of coffee cup

    Unlimited refreshments

  • Drawing of a person climbing a mountain and two people cheering them on

    Weekly office competitions and prizes so that you can have fun while you’re at work

  • Drawing of a gong

    BANG THE GONG – Celebrate your success when you make a placement!

  • Drawing of a bar and bar stools

    Some of the coolest cafes, bars and restaurants within a stone's throw of the offices

  • Drawing of three people in a meeting around a desk

    Weekly team meetings and roundups so you can constantly be collaborating with the team

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